Digital imagery from old designs

Digital manipulation of a design done in a very old sketchbook, Vivien Blackburn

This started life, some years ago, as a design in a sketchbook, done in gouache - the colours were more subtle but shapes were very simplified, as here.

I played with it on the computer, heightening and changing colours some time ago and I don't think I've ever shown it.

I wonder if I could expand on this as a story book for my grandson? First need story, animal characters etc .... and time!


dinahmow said…
Here's a thought...ask Sam to help you tell the story.That way, he'll double his enjoyment.
vivien said…
That is a really great idea for when he's a bit older - I like it.

I don't think he's quite old enough yet speechwise - you know how lazy little boys can be with talking.

At the weekend he desperately wanted a biscuit - but hadn't eaten his dinner so wasn't allowed one. He kept saying 'Bis' and finally in exasperation said quite clearly 'I want a bisKit' - little monkey wasn't going to bother with a whole sentence if an abbreviation got results!
Robyn said…
Beautiful design, Vivian. Wonderful beginning for a book - also great potential for a fabric design!

Love the 'Bis' story - maybe that's an idea for your book - Abbreviation (not the title of course!)
vivien said…
the original flat gouache was a fabric design - well spotted!

keep those ideas coming!
Jean Spitzer said…
I kind of see the red dog as the hero.
fabric design exactly what I was going to say!
vivien said…
:>D did you ever read Louis de Bernieres book Red Dog? it was brilliant!

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