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Serengeti Carpet, digital image, Vivien Blackburn

This is an earlier version of the image shown in the last post. Sadly the original file is lost to a past computer breakdown. This is a scan of the one print I have left. My daughter has another. It's about A4 in size and printed on Rosapina printmaking paper, which works as beautifully with computer inks as it does with more traditional printing inks - not as lightfast of course.


caseytoussaint said…
Interesting patterns and colors - it's just a little firghtening too!
Love the warmth of this, its so rich.
vivien said…
Thank you both :>)
dinahmow said…
What sort of printer did you use? My former desktop printer didn't like heavier papers and I have not yet tried this one (Canon MP210)
S'pose I should just take a very deep breath and "go for it."
I love this image. I think you should develop your idea and create a book for your grandson.
vivien said…
Dinah - A Hewlett Packard A3 (1220C) - I love it. It's more economical on ink that a lot of other brands. It's very good natured at trying other papers :>)

Another thing I like about HP is the fact that each cartridge contains a new print head - so they don't clog (agggh! famous last words ....)

Thank you Shirley - I think I must develop it into a book

- sketchbooks are SO useful. The original flat version was in a very very old sketchbook and I've just moved it on and improved on it with more experience.

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