Dawn, work in progress, finished


Dawn, the 40 inch canvas is finished but is proving a nightmare to photograph. Natural light was terrible, bleaching out the subtle yellows and ambers in the clouds. The best results were under the flourescent light in the kitchen but even then, the balance isn't quite right :>(


There is more colour in the foreground rocks - which shows ok in the detail but is lost in the photo of the whole painting - and the same with the loss of subtlety in the clouds which have a variety of yellows and amber, which is lost when photographing the whole.

This is the best impression of it I can get I'm afraid.


Jeanette said…
There is a beautiful peace to this piece that I so like.

The colours work well, but I know the trials in photographing images, especially at this time of year, when the light is iffy some days.

You've done a fabulous job on this, I wish I could see it in person to see the subtleties in colours.
vivien said…
thanks Jeanette :>)

I'm currently considering staying there with painter friends next year - fancy a trip to England ?!
Anita said…
Lovely light - and as Jeanette says - very peaceful.
Kelly Marszycki said…
You've captured the essence of this painting despite the difficulties, Vivien. It's beautiful -- I agree with Jeanette -- the palette is beautiful!
vivien said…
Thank you both :>)

I just wish I could get a decent photo :>(

I might see if a photographer friend will see if she can get a better one for me.
Stunning Vivien. I too would love to see it in person. Photographing can make you crazy! Photoshop helps sometimes but. still frustrating.
vivien said…
Oh I spent ages in photoshop tweaking it try to match the original :>(

crazy - YES!!!
José said…
Hi Vivien,

A well achieved composition, supported by a wonderful array of hues, well chosen chroma and a convincing perspective.
The result is a well balanced and unified work.

Kind regards,

vivien said…
Thanks Jose :>)
rob ijbema said…
very impressive vivien
must look so good irl
i photograph my work outside on dull grey days
vivien said…
thanks Rob :>) - yes that's definitely the best light - or flash with a tissue over can be good. I think it's the colour range that's the problem :>(

I've loved the recent moody weather work of yours - that misty day was beautiful.

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