snowmen - the book!

Sam ready to go out in the snow, illustration in pencil, watercolour, coloured pencil and with a digital border.

I've been working on the illustrations for the book for Sam for Christmas. I had to wait an hour at hospital yesterday and made a start on the line drawings, adding some more this morning and adding colour this afternoon, after scanning them (in case I made a pigs ear of them when adding the colour :>) ).

line drawing done whilst waiting at hospital

and watercolour + coloured pencil + digital border - ready to add to book

Their cat weaves in and out of the action throughout.

Now I have to start assembling them and brushing up on the storyline in Publisher. After this I may get the current painting finished - I hope.

c&c welcome :>) and any advice


dinahmow said…
Love the footprints!Sam's a lucky lad.
Lindsay said…
I love the snowman book idea! What a great way to use your waiting time too. The felt board is brilliant also. Lucky grandson!
Julie Broom said…
These are super, Vivien. What a wonderful gift.
Robyn said…
I wish you were my Santa Claus, Vivien. I can't help thinking that Sam's children and grandchildren are going to treasure your gifts way into the future.
this is going to be SO cool( I read the worng way round...from new to older posts)

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