more snowman ideas .....

I've thought of a couple more ideas for Sam for Christmas to extend the snowman theme

  • an illustrated story about him building a snowman
  • fuzzy felt snowmen (- and cats and dogs)

I bought a little travel fuzzy felt set off ebay and the felt shapes aren't particularly exciting (it was cheap so no problem) - the tin and board are nice though. So, I thought with some felt pieces I have somewhere in the deep dark recesses of some cupboard or other ( where????) I could cut some snowmen shapes and hats and scarfs and stuff and some cat and dog shapes to go with them. Interchangeables ears and eyes and bodies?

Now off to finish a painting ......


muddy red shoes said…
great idea with the fuzzy felt, isnt it nice to have a small person to make things for!
vivien said…
oh it IS! when she had a little boy I thought oh dear! what can I make for a boy??????

I used to design rag dolls and stuff for the girls.

But it's been ok - there is stuff to play with :>D
A snowman just works for Christmas, boy or alwys makes me feel like a child even though I grew up in a summer christmas.

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