work in progress - Dawn - oil on 40 inch square canvas

Dawn, 40 inch sq canvas, work in progress, Vivien Blackburn

This is roughed in over an old painting that I didn't like. There is more dark sky above the clouds that I couldn't fit into the photo - my arms weren't long enough to hold the camera far enough away to fit it all in. It's all wet so I didn't intend to get covered in paint trying to bring it downstairs - been there, done that, on Friday.

This is the missing top bit

It's a balancing act between getting the darkness and not making it too dark for anyone to live with. It's 40 inches square so that's potentially a big dark looming mass

It's got a way to go yet - but , I'm insane - I've committed to put it in an exhibition later this month so I have to push on with it.

Feedback welcome :>)


Go girl! I've been following from your digital image stage. And, you call this rough? Can't wait to see the finished through your eyes!
Jeanette said…
Its coming on beautifully. I adore the colours and not too dark. I think you could go even darker still and get away with it.

And in an exhibition this month? Wonderful.....keep painting... :)
I love this vivien...and actually , I love both pieces of photos on their own too! eeven if your painting diended where it ends in the photo, it would be lovely and the top part is also beautiful with the larger piece of sky.
As a whole piece, it has beautiful colour and almsot looks misty here n the foreground. Beautiful1 good luck!
vivien said…
thank you for the encouragement :>)

off to get paperwork done to free up time for painting another day

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