Autumn leaf in coloured pencil

Autumn, Vivien Blackburn, coloured pencil

I had my class of beginners working on autumn leaves this week - they did some really good work :>) and this is one of my demos.

I need to get hold of some sycamore leaves before they lose their colour - they are such a lovely shape.


Jeanette said…
I just love the autumn colours. They're so rich. I hope you find your sycamore leaves.

I keep gathering leaves before the wind or rain destroys them, for painting later on.
Nice work! Very good!
I love a good leaf! Very nice!
Angela said…
Interesting, your post ended up on the Sycamore IL Merchant Circle website - I am guessing just because you used the word Sycamore.
Do you have a Sycamore tree in your area ?
If not, we could send you some leaves, have a Sycamore tree across the street.
The Sycamore Boutique

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