update on the trees

Winter: Blue skies mixed media

Another one in this series - this is the whole image at 13x16 but it will be cropped to 11x14.

Winter, collage, mixed media

I worked further on this one and this is how it looks now.

Looking at this one and listening to opinions and weighing them up (thanks) I've made alterations to this one - there's actually a little bit more intensity of colour IRL - but you can see I've changed the trees tonality and introduced a touch more water. I also added hints of scrubby bushes on the hillside.

Towards Dusk remains the same

and so does Still Pool.

So - that's the final 5 images. What do you think?

other work on trees can be seen here


annie said…
Whenever I look at your water and trees, Vivien, my tongue always goes round and round my chops and I am full of a peaceful smile like Tigger. In these I especially like how the reflections in the water shoot to the blues in sky and shadows.
Jean Spitzer said…
The top one caught my eye first. The changes you've made to the others are making them more beautiful/atmospheric.
vivien said…
:>) love the description Annie!

and thank you both for the vote of confidence - they've got to be posted off at the weekend so I was cutting it fine!
Julie Dunion said…
Stunning, Vivien. They are so many interesting marks, textures and effects that I could look at them for hours.
Unknown said…
I think you're on to something here! What a wonderful grouping these would make on the wall. Beautiful colors and contrasts.
Billie Crain said…
A very successful series, Vivien. My fave is the second from the top of the page even though I like them all. Well done!
This is such a great series, 'Towards Dusk' is my favourite it gets better and better with each viewing. Good luck with the exhibition.
Robyn Sinclair said…
I had a jaw-drop at how beautiful these are, Vivien, particularly the first one. They are quite different stylistically which surprised me.

Break a leg as they say in some circles :)
vivien said…
thank you all :>D

a lot of angst went into this series! I had to fit a brief as to size and the geographical area and it took some 'tuning into'. It's a great relief that you think they work :>)
Lanark Glass said…
I am really loving your trees with that fantastic blue sky. lovely texture in the trees..love it.
annie said…
You put a couple of these at an earlier stages of development on WATERMARKS. Are you going to put them all on there, now? I'd love to hear what the other members have to say--I always learn so much by your interchanges.
vivien said…
ok Annie I will :>)

I'm overdue to post there - perhaps tomorrow.
vivien said…
ok Annie I will :>)

I'm overdue to post there - perhaps tomorrow.
vivien said…
ok Annie I will :>)

I'm overdue to post there - perhaps tomorrow.

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