seascape from tree roots

Imaginary seascape from twisted tree root, watercolour, gouache, ink, oil pastel, coloured pencil

This is the seascape I did from the previous tree root sketch.

The curves of it suggested one of those arches of rock carved out by the sea.

I started out with free lines in ink, using a piece of thin wood as a pen. Then I just kept working into it, trying to keep some of the lines of the sketch. It's about 14x10 inches. I could certainly work further from it but it's staying as an experiment rather than a finished piece I think.

I'd swirl the lines a bit more in doing it again to regain the dynamic shapes of the wood, which have got a little lost here?

Later a small sketch that made a landscape from a flint stone ....

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I always come home with bags of different coloured stones and seaglass. I'm looking forward to seeing your sketch from a flint, often a whole landscape can be shown in a fragment.

You've got me thinking that it could be a fun series - landscapes from rocks found at specific places..
How creative to see the seascape in a tree root! You are a true artist in every sense of the word. You see the world with a creative eye. I enjoy your work!
createwall said…
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vivien said…
do have a go Lisa - one of the artists we looked at was Paul Nash, who just plonked the flint or whatever, supersized into a landscape that echoed it. I like some of his work but not these so I went the way I did rather than this.

Tbanks Katherine :>)

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