greeting cards for the exhibition

We had the last meeting to finalise arrangements for the upcoming exhibition last night. Posters and fliers (me) were approved and distributed. Now I have to get on and finish paintings and print cards.

I always sell cards as they tend to be good sellers and people can afford them when they can't afford the paintings. These are some of the images planned for the next batch.

They are digital playing with paintings in Photoshop and Corel PhotoPaint and don't exist exactly like these as originals .

I like the scratchy edges in the 'framing' options in Corel, that erode the edges and give a rough brush mark feel. Nicer than a hard square edge?
Now I'm off to do more work getting ready .............


annie said…
Lovely, Vivien. I agree about the brush mark feel in that Corel PhotoPaint.

Jeanette said…
They look lovely. The variety will appeal as much as the images themselves. And yes cards usually do sell well.

Good luck with the exhibition!
Cathy Gatland said…
These are beautiful Vivien, good idea to sell cards
Sarah Wimperis said…
These are great, I really like that eroded edge and like the fact that they army the same as the originals, solves lots of problems. I use corral painter for illo work, must try photo paint.
Lisa Purcell said…
I love the edges. Good luck with the exhibition. You should take copies of your wonderful book to sell. :))
Jean Spitzer said…
Yes, I like the edges too--and what you've placed inside them, too. Have fun at that lovely venue.
vivien said…
Thanks for all the good wishes :>)

Yes Lisa I'll take a couple of the books too - I really should do a new one soon.

I saw the printer this morning and he'll have giclees and cards ready for Wednesday, just in time :>)
rob ijbema said…
i love the moody one it's very strong!
vivien said…
Thanks Rob - I love your paintings of Wales and always check in even though I only occasionally comment.

I love moody!

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