Mawgan Porth, across the bay, oil on canvas from plein air sketches

work in progress, Mawgan Porth, 12 inches square, deep sided canvas

This is one of the canvasses I'm juggling at the moment for the group show of small works (at the beginning of December).

I'm working from sketches I did plein air in various media and trying to keep the immediacy of them. They aren't exact copies of the plein air work - they are altered a little and memory feeds into them.

As I'm working in the studio (errrm much to himself's annoyance .... the kitchen for the best light) I can work wet over dry as well as wet in wet, scumbling scratching through etc

Any thoughts?


annie said…
I thought it was watercolor for a moment because of that flowing feel to the land and water. And I just love the sky.
Sarah Wimperis said…
that sky is beautiful Viv
vivien said…
thanks Sarah and Annie :>)
I love the composition in this one, the strong diagonals in the cloud and wet sand lead the eye around in a very exciting way. The reflections in the wet sand are particularly beautiful.

Methinks you are very good at juggling ;)
Kelly M. said…
This work caught my in the blog list -- love the dramatic sense of the skies, the choice of colors!
vivien said…
Thanks Lisa and Kelly :>)

me good at juggling??? believe me - no!

I loved the drama of the clouds that day. I often prefer days that are mixed weather, rather than 'perfect' sunny days :>) It's done from a plein air sketch

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