Kiln fused glass pendant

Night Beach, pendant in kiln fused glass, Vivien Blackburn

I said I'd show the work I did on the kiln fused glass workshop day - I haven't photographed the rest yet but this is the pendant I made that I'm really quite pleased with. It may not be brilliant for anyone who knows about glass - but it's my first attempt and I'm delighted!

It's supposed to be the beach at night, abstracted, with the moon and reflections in copper metallic particles. This was a metallic powder that I added. The deep blue glass is sort of glittery, frosted and the paler blue grey was little lumps of coloured glass and is supposed to be the light on the sea.

It's finished off using a bail stuck on with epoxy glue, a shoelace knotted with silver beads and Tibetan clasps to fasten it.

I really like dichroic glass and with the metallic elements fused in, this one has something of that effect. It would be great to have a go with some real dichroic glass. (it reflects colours differently as it moves, rather like oil in puddles).

Oh for more time, energy and money! There is so much I'd like to do more of and this is one of those things.


annie said…
This is beautiful, Vivien. I have never seen dichroic glass. It sounds like something that I would love to work with. Would the details and colors show up more if you enlarged it for us?

I just popped over to Ester Roi's blog post about your exhibition, it looks really good I just wish I could visit.
The process for making your pendant sounds interesting and the result is beautiful. I like the way you have knotted the shoelace too, seems to make it tie in (no pun intended) better than if it had been left plain.
Good luck with the show.
vivien said…
it's quite a subtle dark abstract beach background Annie so the details won't pick up any better I think.

Oh dichroic glass is lovely (I think!) - it's apparently a side product of space technology

Lisa - that's exactly what I felt about the knots vs simple lace :>) = enough without being fussy.

Thank you both
Lunar Hine said…
Oh! So lovely. I got the midnight beach straight away. If that was my first attempt I'd be very, very pleased with myself. Show us more please. x
vivien said…
oh good :>)

and thanks :>)

I've been painting madly but none finished yet to show - all wet and nearly finished. (oil)

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