Monday, November 01, 2010

gnarled branches, mixed media

Gnarled trees branch, mixed media, 15 x20 inches, Vivien Blackburn

This one is a mixed media study of a gnarled tree branch in acrylic, ink, a little charcoal and oil pastel. It's fairly textured with the paint quite thick in places. Done on a heavy watercolour paper.

I've asked my students to bring me any interesting branches they find - I hope they do. I'd like to do some more. One has promised to keep her eye open for a skull as she often sees animal skulls when walking her dog - fingers crossed for this :>)

I wanted to work larger and freer than the last one I did, which was also mixed media but much more restrained and smaller.

What do you think?


Trevor David Betts BA (Hons.) said...

A very abstract and colourful piece. I eventually intend to use mixed media with my photography. Keep up the good work.

Regards Trevor.

Jean Spitzer said...

Oh,Y not? I think this is terrific. Keep collecting those branches. (Branching out?)

vivien said...

:>D Y not indeed!

thanks Trevor - it will be interesting to see what you create with mixed media and photography