Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mawgan Porth, oil on canvas,. progress

Mawgan Porth, across the bay, progress maybe finished

This one may be finished now.

The others are on their way as well so there will be more to show soon.

It's based on a sketch done plein air - but I've used a lot of memories of being there and other sketches from the same place, to change things, move them around, adjust colour slightly and adapt it to a square format.

I'm also busy with designing the fliers and poster for the exhibition. I've already done the press releases. I'm going to do a post soon on organising an exhibition with a group - delegating tasks, publicity, venue etc


Elizabeth Seaver said...


caseytoussaint said...

This is breathtaking - I want to be there, walking on that beach.....

vivien said...

oh so do I casey!

thank you both :>)