careless observation and correcting a painting!

error corrected - that doorway, gouache and tinted charcoal pencil

Looking at that doorway again, I realised that with talking, teaching and not paying proper attention, I'd got the proportions of that downpipe way out!  I'd been reading it as a dark piece of wall (working from a photo in the warmth  in class on this one and I doubt if I'd have been so silly if I'd been working from life, bad print on typing paper too).

So .... it was a case of washing out the offending area to narrow the pipe and then adding the sliver of bricks  and matching the suggestion of the steel shutters.  Thank goodness it's easy to lift paint from the S&B paper because of its brilliant sizing.  So today's class had a demo of washing out mistakes!


annie said…
Thanks for the tutorial and tip, Vivien, I use S & B papers but have not yet tried to lift the colors. Wonderful to know that we CAN do it.

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