more christmassy doodling on the ipad

 detail of drawing below

More drawings on the ipad, using Omnisketch.   Isn't the blue/purple luscious against the firy reds and oranges?

entire drawing using omnisketch

I've shown details as the fine marks don't show otherwise.

detail of above image

Still loving it!   I have to work out how to get these directly from the ipad to the blog - if anyone wants to leave instructions in the comments I'd be delighted,  So far I've emailed them to myself and posted via the computer.


Jeanette said…
They are wonderful. The colours really do work, that purple against the orange/red. So much fun to do.

I don't know of any other way of transferring images to a computer other than email, unless you have bluetooth set up and may be able to do it that way.
Carol Lee Beckx said…
There is an app called Blogsy that allows one to drag photos from your camera roll directly into a blog post. I have downloaded the app but have not had much time to test it as yet:( .
Anonymous said…
No techie help sorry but -- oh my, oh my, those colours! Glorious.
vivien said…
Jeanette, Carol and Cath - thanks :>)

I'll take a look at Blogsy - thanks for that

Yes, I've been emailing them to myself - the ipad does allow you to upload directly to facebook, which is handy.

I wish I could do some of these as stained glass windows as the colours on the ipad really do glow.

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