Wednesday, December 19, 2012

more ipad sketching

more sketching with omnisketch and close up detail

I think some of the earlier doodles would have worked well as stained glass windows with the light glowing throught them - this one I see as an embroidery.  If I had the talent I'd have a go at doing one!

What do you think?

and thank you for the app suggestions, they've been extremely helpful.

And as a teaser - Derwent have got a really gorgeous new product coming out next year.   I can't tell you about it but I'm going to get to play with it :>)  I did have a really quick secret go when I was demo-ing at the NEC in October and LOVED it!  The hitmen would be after me if I told though :>D


Bridget Hunter said...

Some amazing results. I love the vivid colours.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

You are a tease!
These drawings look so interesting. Have you tried tiling them into repeat patterns? I think they would make great prints on fabric. This one is very jewel like it would be a lovely design for a focal bead. Exciting stuff and endless possibilities!

cathsheard said...

Ooh, you terrible tease you!!! Exciting though...

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Just found an app you would appreciate-
"Hello Oil Painter"
It is free but you can pay 0.69 for more brushes and colours.

vivien said...

Lisa I thought that too - they'd make very dramatic fabric designs - mmm and beads, I hadn't thought of beads.

Hi Shirley, Bridget and Cath - I'll look at that app, thanks.