sketching with an ipad

Drawing with an ipad

detail showing the marks
My Christmas present to me, from me, for having had a horrible year was an ipad.  Friends have given me masses of great advice on which apps to download for art (and others).   Any more advice on apps is welcome.

This one is done with OmniSketch and it works on algorhythms, rather like the programme by Mr Doob that I've used here before.  It's lovely for creating rich patterns and this one was done using an option that creates the symmetry as you go.  Lines relate to each other, depending on nearness and the speed of your hand as you draw, creating fine spidery marks linking them.   There is a gallery of paintbrush, mark making options.  It's fun!

I've got Brushes - as used by David Hockney - and Procreate, which I'm told is good but haven't seriously played with these yet.  I got hooked into the rich, decorative Christmassyness possible with Omnisketch.

I have to say that the ipad is very very user friendly.   I only had to look up a couple of things, the rest was just intuitive.

So ...... more to come :>)   and any apps you'd recommend, I'd love to hear about.


Ian Bertram said…
I don't like Apple products - not because of anything wrong with them, but because of Apple's business practice of trying to lock you in. Even so, I am sorely tempted by the iPad, if only for the art applications for which there seem to be no comparable PC or Android apps.

I keep telling myself I can't afford it, but...
vivien said…
but then so do Microsoft!

and their apps are so cheap, with many free ones,

I'm absolutely loving it. I've been reading books via their kindle app, catching up with programmes on bbc iplayer, taking photos, emailing, drawing/painting and more,

I just have to work out how to upload to the blog from it. To facebook is easy but I think I probably have to upload to Flickr first to get images from it directly to the blog.

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