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weekend at the coast

I had a great long weekend at the coast with 3 friends, sketching, visiting galleries and mooching around lovely local shops. The salt marsh at Thornham in pen, pencil and tippex (!) North Norfolk has long lonely beaches, strands of reflective pools left by the receding tide, ever changing colours, little villages inland, galleries and miles of walks through dunes, bird reserves and salt marshes. watercolour, pencil, pen, tippex graphite watercolour, gouache, pen, pencil, pastel pencil The sketch of the tree stumps and salt marsh in monochrome is in pen, pencil and tippex, I find a tippex pen really useful for drawing back in with white. The watercolours include pencil, pastel pencil and gouache . I pick up whatever I need to make the mark or get the colour I want :) These were all done in a very small sketchbook - much smaller than I'd normally work - 4x6ins so 8in across the double page spread. photo: Thornham