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Merry Christmas!


Bosworlas Farm in the Cot Valley, Watercolour and mixed media

Bosworlas farm from the valley.  Watercolour and mixed media. Just a quick post to prove that I have been working!   Life has been a bit hectic. The Cornish farmhouse where we stayed one year, on the edge of the moor, above a rushing stream that tumbles down to the sea a little further down at Porth Nanven, below, one of my favourite places.  This painting of the farm  is currently on show at Leicester Museum and Art Gallery on New Walk. Porth Nanven, the Brisons and Cot Valley Now to finish a painting I need done  urgently ......

Pirate maps

Pirate map Really busy with lots of projects and painting.   This is a one ticked off the long list - a pirate map for my grandson.