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Tiny trainers in watercolour, coloured pencil, pencil and ballpoint pen

Tiny trainers in watercolour, coloured pencil, pencil and ballpoint pen in S&B Delta sketchbook Another sketch of my grandson's shoes. He's only 14 months so they are very little :>)    Done in my S&B Delta. A4 size.

Sketchbooks comparison, what are the best sketchbooks?

What are your favourite sketchbooks?  Obviously this will vary enormously depending on what you want from your sketchbooks and the media used. For me the quality of the paper is crucial.   I really dislike working on flimsy paper or paper that buckles with water media.  Sketchbooks are an important part of my work, for research, plein air work, thinking around ideas and keeping notes, jotting down interesting information and simply observing and practising.  They need to cope with anything from simple pencil to watercolours, oils, charcoal, pen, pastel, collage, eyeshadow .... anything !  Some sketchbooks are 'general' and can contain a mix of subjects.  Others are themed, like books I take on trips or that work around an idea.  On the whole I prefer larger sketchbooks. A4+, but do also find smaller ones handy for keeping in the car, taking to hospital appointments etc So these are ones that I have chosen to comment on - favourites - and a one big moleskine let dow
The resident panther using mind control to make me feed him .... again . He has polydactyly, an extra digit on each paw, hence that little thumb there.  Very handy for juggling mice he says. It has been a hectic summer with little painting time but that's soon to change I hope and it should get a bit more lively here.  I want to do some large drawings with the lovely XL charcoal and graphite from Derwent amongst other ideas bubbling.