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update on Runswick Bay, work in progress - finished???

Runswick Bay, 20x16ins canvas - details Runswick Bay, 16x20 ins, canvas, mixed media, maybe finished This is where this canvas is now. Maybe finished? maybe not ...... what do you think? more light on the outer edge of the cliffs maybe? sorry about the lack of posts lately - I'm snowed under at work and I've not been well, schniff

Realism in watercolour and paintings that are sustaining

Field of Dreams, 24" x37", David Poxon For the last couple of years I've mentioned the work of David Poxon in the RI watercolour exhibition at the Mall Galleries . Last year he was kind enough to send me images of work at a resolution that really shows his skill off to advantage. Today I opened my emails to see that he'd sent me these 2 with permission to use them here :>) Thank you David :>) Do click on them to see them larger - they are well worth it. Catch, 12"x17", David Poxon The word that came to my mind was 'sustaining' - this word was applied to a painting of mine by a buyer and I think it was one of the nicest compliments I've ever had. Sustaining - there is so much in these to keep you revisiting - noticing new things, admiring textures, subtle colours, lost edges, mysterious areas, intense observation , lovely use of paint, unusual and interesting subject matter, the compositions work in an abstract way, quiet area

more digital doodling

Detail 1, thistles, digital image , Vivien Blackburn (using ribbon, fur, shading and chrome tools) Detail 2, thistles, digital image , Vivien Blackburn This programme by Mr Doob is positively addictive . I've been doodling some more (when I should be doing lesson plans). Thistles, digital image, Vivien Blackburn These are really making me want to do some etchings - there is a process which uses photocopies of sketches, transferring them onto the printing plate. Combine that with monoprintng and/or chine colle* and it could work really well if it picks up the fine marks ok. These are drawn with a mouse - a digital tablet is on my shopping list of 'wants'. Any advice anyone on the best (and not too expensive) ones??? I look and I'm bewildered by the choices and unsure what I need. * I apologise for the missing accent but I've forgotten how to find the characters, for anyone who isn't sure what chine colle is - it's simply collaged ele

drawing online

Sketches/doodles done here Julie posting a link to this fabulous time-eating site - sketching with the tools is so fluid and the marks it makes delicious! I could play for hours! I'd love this as a proper programme that would produce large scale drawings :>( It's worth clicking on them to see the lovely marks it makes properly. And play .......... PS ... I played some more :>) online sketch using the shading, chrome, ribbon and long fur tools then combined with colour on my computer ..... making it more wintry oh dear .... Julie this is addictive

photoshopping sketches

a quick sketch in a sketchbook, looking at late autumn fields - colour and pattern I'm thinking of doing a patchwork of small abstracts for an upcoming pastel exhibition, so I've been looking in sketchbooks at images to work from. This quick sketch was done to look at the colours of the sky and fields with the trees glowing in the light and the patterns and colours in the ploughed field in the foreground. I plan to simplify and abstract colours from sketches like this - something like the photoshopped version above. Simply bold streaks of colour, more abstract than this but clearly relating to landscape - well that's the idea :>) If my sewing skills were better it would work quite well in fabric and stitch I think. At the moment it's a case of so many plans and so little time :>(

Cardoons. 2 sketches in coloured pencil in a moleskine sketchbook

Small cardoon flower 1 , coloured pencil and biro in moleskine sketchbook, Vivien Blackburn One of my students (thank you Gill :>) ) kindly brought these cardoons in for me to draw. There is something really interesting about thistles/cardoons/artichokes to draw - the contrasting textures and fascinating shapes. The sketch above is biro with coloured pencil and the one below simply coloured pencil. Mostly the pencils are Polychromos and Lyra. I really like the way that cp's work on the paper in a moleskine. It's very limited paper in the materials I can use on it - ink, which I only use occasionally or pencil/coloured pencil. I wish it was possible to buy the paper in larger sheets though. Does anyone know if the new Folio moleskine is the same paper? that strange sort of waxy finish? If it is I'd like one, if it isn't then I wouldn't bother as I've got nice A3 cartridge paper sketchbooks already. Small cardoon flower 2, coloured pencil in moles