photoshopping sketches

a quick sketch in a sketchbook, looking at late autumn fields - colour and pattern

I'm thinking of doing a patchwork of small abstracts for an upcoming pastel exhibition, so I've been looking in sketchbooks at images to work from.

This quick sketch was done to look at the colours of the sky and fields with the trees glowing in the light and the patterns and colours in the ploughed field in the foreground.

I plan to simplify and abstract colours from sketches like this - something like the photoshopped version above. Simply bold streaks of colour, more abstract than this but clearly relating to landscape - well that's the idea :>)

If my sewing skills were better it would work quite well in fabric and stitch I think.

At the moment it's a case of so many plans and so little time :>(


Billie Crain said…
Isn't technology wonderful, Vivien? Love what you did with Photoshop!
vivien said…
it is Billie :>) and thanks

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