drawing online

Sketches/doodles done here

Julie posting a link to this fabulous time-eating site - sketching with the tools is so fluid and the marks it makes delicious!

I could play for hours! I'd love this as a proper programme that would produce large scale drawings :>(

It's worth clicking on them to see the lovely marks it makes properly. And play ..........

PS ... I played some more :>)
online sketch using the shading, chrome, ribbon and long fur tools

then combined with colour on my computer .....

making it more wintry

oh dear .... Julie this is addictive


Billie Crain said…
omg...this is so fun! I'm 'borrowing' the link and posting it on my blog, too...k?
Annie said…
Hello Vivien, your online drawings are beautiful! Thank you for the link to this drawing site!! I'm experimenting and I love it. Yes, it is addictive:-)
vivien said…

course it's ok :>) have fun both of you :>) - add links in these comments to what you produce if you like?
annie said…
I enlarged them and the lines are even more exciting. I am unable to use the link so I'll just enjoy what the rest of you do. Hello, Annie-- glad you can play with it, too.

annie(the other annie)
vivien said…
oh that's a shame - you would have loved it

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