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of flowers, abstracting from flowers in paint and in inktense

    Of Flowers.  Mixed media on canvas. The image below is a part of avariation on this canvas which you can read about here - each version exploits the mark making potential of the medium used.  The flower is purely imaginary and abstracted.  It's about flowers rather than being a flower.  I was asked to do a commission with abstracted flowers and this is a fragment ....   Fragment of a commisssion, using Derwent Inktense I can't show it yet.  All will be revealed later, when the website it and another image, are done for is up and running :>) now to look at paperwork : >(  and hopefully paint some more ....

Feather in mixed media

Ragged feather in mixed media A ragged feather in a mix of watercolour, coloured pencil, Derwent tinted graphite pencils and biro. I can't show the work I've been busy with yet.   And paperwork and marking has been taking up a lot of time too.   So many plans and ideas and so little time and energy!