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The book - finished

Just made it in time - the book was finished a couple of days before I needed it for Sam's 3rd birthday. The idea was that it would be partly for now and partly as a memory to look back on in the future. Luckily he enjoyed it now :>) , recognised the farmer, cat, his mum, his grandads legs, beaches, himself etc - and keeps looking back and forward between pages. He absolutely loves books and stories. It's a mix of sketches I'd done in the area with added extra images of him and his activities - all scanned into Photoshop. I used a vivid sea coloured painting he did on the beach, in my sketchbook, lightening it, and using it as a background for the text, linking the text and images through the book; changing the colour of it in Photoshop to match sand or city scenes as necessary. The pages were put together in Publisher using a simple sans serif font, so that when he learns to read in a year or two, it will be straightforward for him to read for himself.

Winter pool, mixed media

Winter Pool, mixed media 10x8 inches This is one of a series for an upcoming show. It's mixed media - watercolour, coloured pencil, pen and gouache on Somerset paper. Details from it below: Now to get on with juggling finishing Sam's book and continuing with this series.

Evening on the beach, high tide, mixed media

Sam on the beach, evening, high tide. Watercolour, mixed media This is another illustration for Sam's book. We were on the beach as the light faded - looking to the left the sea was bleached of colour a symphony of silvers and greys but to the right it was still aquamarine and viridian. The tide was high. Sam was playing with his much loved new yellow spade, which was luminous with the light shining through. The harbour wall a silhouett against the light in the distance. Shadows were long. A perfect evening.

moorland farm, penwith, cornwall, mixed media

Moorland Farm, Penwith, watercolour/mixed media This one is a sketch of a moorland farm up on the moor in Penwith. Turn around 45 degrees and you see the sea, as in the last sketch. This was a day of passing showers, meaning beautiful skies and brooding Heathcliff moors :>)