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digital update

another digital experiment - trees And thank you to those who helped me with advice on how to download Harmony - I've succeeded! This one was drawn with my Bamboo tablet and imported into Photoshop with the bands of colour added using layers. Please add links to your experiments in the comments?

Digital tablets, illustration and Harmony and a plea for help!

Teddy, digital experiment using graphic tablet and Harmony I'm still up to my eyes in work - paperwork and getting things finished for exhibitions, but just time for a quick play with this programme again. I can definitely see me using this in the books I make for my grandson . I only realised yesterday that I can use colour with it! I hadn't clicked on the black square before, simply experimented with the mark making. You can (you've probably already worked out) change background and brush colours :>) You can, I think, download the programme . I emailed to enquire and was kindly given this link by the programme inventor, Mr Doob. I tried downloading the zip file but couldn't find anywhere to install/use it, just the brushes etc files. There is a zip file and a TAR file - but I don't understand how to make it work either once downloaded :>( Any ideas? It seems to want to download it into other programmes - but they won't recognise it :&g

more experiments with the wacom bamboo graphics tablet

I found a bit of time to play with the bamboo tablet and that great online drawing programme I gave a link to previously. The pressure sensitivity works with it and allows more variation in light/dark with the marks. details from above: addictive ................

practising with my new digital tablet

Thank you for all the advice on graphics tablets. it was very helpful. In the end I went for the Bamboo as some were just too expensive for me to justify. It has just arrived and I've been learning what it can do. I'm very glad I bought it - I love the variety of marks that the pressure sensitive tablet allows. I'm still on a learning curve at the moment but these are my first attempts at playing with it. It came bundled with Corel Paint Essentials - these were done using this. (fun!) Detail of doodle above: I can see this being very very useful in illustrations particularly. And other doodles and close up: I find the way you can change tools fascinating - oil paint one minute and pastel the next, meaning a wide range of marks to draw on. This last one is a mix of oil and acrylic brushes, pastel, pencil and smudging tools. Sorry it's been quiet here for a while - due to a bug (me, not computer) and feeling washed out after I was over it, plus pre