Dawn Light

Driving to work this morning, just after dawn, the light was lovely. There was a huge sun ahead of me with a veil of cloud over - just enough so that you could look directly at it and see the size and shape of the sun without it dazzling you at all. There were drifts of mist still lying in low lying damp fields and it was going to be a fine sunny day.

It was lovely.

I did this doodle from memory, with a thick graphite stick while the class were involved in their own projects


Katherine said…
Whooohoo!!! Looks like a candidate for a Van Gogh drawing! Which is interestings as we have this project............
jafabrit said…
this is really nice, I can really get a sense of the atmosphere.
vivien said…
thanks both of you :)


oh dear I musn't - I'm up to my eyes in projects!!!

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