where people are

I'm feeling very sorry for myself as I've got an awful cold and with asthma it isn't fun :( so I was investigating google analytics (instead of painting) and looking where people who've read this blog came from. It was fascinating to see you came from all over the world including:


Seattle, Coquille, Tacoma, Sherwood, Hayward, San Diego, Winnipeg, Oklahoma, Denver, Sioux City, Kansas City, Abilene, Bellwood, Villa Park, Spring Lake, Lake Orion, Houston,Opelika, Nashville, Rock Hill, Washington, Laurel, Horseheads, Chesterville, Amherst, Cornwall, South Burlington, Bethlemhem, Amherst, Laurel, Washington, Belleville, Rock Hill, Nashville, Rock Hill. Opelika, Bryn Mawr, Palm Harbor


High Valleyfield, Salford, Caunton, Leopardstown, Sheffield, Rogiet, Caunton, Llanishen, Bubbenhall, Plymouth, LLanishen, Zaanstad, Oxford, Heytesbury, Watford, Warsaw, Belgrade, Motta Visconti, Rome, Sant Just Desvern, , Vence, Madrid, Murcia, Malaga, Mapledurham


Baidayingzi, Beijing, Weifang, Yongzhou, Patog,

Oz and NZ:

Mount Gravatt, Bangor, Northwood, Armadale North. Auckland


Kew, Winburg, Southdene Estate
the internet is an amazing thing :>)


Katherine said…
Sorry to hear you're not feeling so well. Have you tried a Clustr map yet?
vivien said…
well I looked at Clustr and wasn't quite sure where I put the html and it didn't work! non-techie me :( I'd like to get it working and will look again when I feel better - busy trying to get well before Saturday at the moment - I'm looking forward to the pastel show :) see you there - will phone later in the week - if you want to email your landline? I know you don't always have the mobile switched on!

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