Wednesday, February 28, 2007

quick sketch of paintbrushes in coloured pencil

The first one I've shown before,it was done with a carbon pencil

the second is a quick sketch of paintbrushes done with coloured pencils from a Portrait set by Lyra.

I really like Lyra pencils to use. These belonged to the college but I think I may invest in a set - they'd be interesting sketching in the landscape - just working tonally but with lovely warms and cools to play with.


Katherine said...

The Lyra Rembrandt coloured pencils are the ones I started with and I've come to use them more and more as time passes. Very difficult to get hold of though.

vivien said...

Yes, I bought some half length ones a Compton Verney in the summer and really liked them. These are full length and I must track down this set :)