seascape and trees

I've made a start on two of the 40inch square canvasses.

One is going to be an evening/nightfall view of the beach with the moon rising and the last light catching the pools left by the ebbing tide. One of a series of works I've done about the beach at this time - just before and just after sunset.

There are more subtle colour changes and more shine on the sea than the photo shows. It has a way to go yet - this is the beginning, establishing lights and darks and the form of the pools.

I sketched it in roughly in Prussian blue acrylic and then worked on with oils. Some of the acrylic will show in the finished piece.

Next I decided to work on another of the 40 inch canvasses, loosely using the sketch I'd done in charcoal. I used the prussian blue again just to establish where things were, the form of the rocks and the lie of the land with the way the tree grew out of it with some of the tones roughly put in. This has a long way to go and a lot of decisions to be made.

Part of me likes it in blues and I could make it winter, keeping the colours knocked back to blue greys and mauves.

Or I could make it autumn and go for singing colours

Or I could make it Spring and go for lime greens and fresh growth

Or I could do 3 versions of it :)

I may use some collage for texture - lots of thinking and decisions on direction to make.

I don't fully plan these big canvasses but take off from preparatory sketches and see where they go - it's more time consuming but for me, much more interesting as unexpected things happen, I can go with the way the painting seems to need to develop rather than following a set plan and I get bored if I simply try to reproduce something and the freshness dies :(

what do you think?

and why does blogger sometimes refuse to leave spaces between paragraphs? it's really really annoying :(


Kitty said…
I really like the blues but it would be interesting to see the same scene in all four seasons perhaps.
vivien said…
someone else suggested that as well Kitty :O - I might manage it :) It would be fun - 40 inch canvasses take time (for me) though so a lot of work!
Kitty said…
Yes I can imagine they would be hard work. My largest to date is 20x30 which is plenty big enough!

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