quick sketch

A quick sketch from a reference photo, taking part in a project.

I don't normally work from photos and especially if I haven't taken them myself but this is somewhere I know and very much like scenery in a area I do sketch in.

I'd been painting for quite a while and this quick 30 minute sketch was a nice change of pace and subject, it's done with a cheap, waxy charcoal pencil so subtle greys weren't easy, It's about 8 inches tall.

The snow has melted quite a lot in town thank heavens but I haven't stepped outside the house at all today :) One of the cats, like me, hasn't set foot outside and the other, who normally likes to be out a lot has only spent a few minutes at a time outside before wanting to come back in.

How I hate snow! It wasn't nice driving in it yesterday but I did take a couple of photos - colour though you'd never know it.


Katherine said…
But lovely compositions to work up though!
vivien said…
yes, I can see me using them and then abstracting a little :)

I may just do the charcoal one as a 40 inch square canvas

I'm in the middle of a night beach scene at the moment on one of the 40inch canvasses and may start on the trees this week :)
Philip said…
Makes me feel a little homesick although I think I will stick with the sun!
vivien said…
I'd swap the snow for the sun any day!

your blog looks interesting - I'll return for a better look later :)

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