Today .... pastels

I spent the afternoon painting :) - ignoring the fact that I really should have been tidying up
It's based on sketches done sitting on the beach as the sun set and night fell, and memory, it's the last of the light, just catching the sand and sea and clouds.
It's only 11 inches square in a black leaved sketch book by Pink Pig, using Unison pastels (I love them best) and compressed charcoal to regain some of the blacks. Unison pastels are so luscious and don't constantly break like some pastels. I know a lot of people like Rembrandt pastels but I found they just constanly broke and shaled into little pieces and were a bit scratchy feeling to draw with.
A very good pastel painter told me that Schminke white is the whitest white of all with brilliant cover so I plan to treat myself to a couple when I'm near a supplier and see how I like them.
I do love working in pastel but .... oh the framing of it! it's a nightmare. I may just get my framer to do this one completely and for once have a dark frame - I usually go for limed ash as it suits my work but this one wouldn't work so well with the pale wood.
I was also working on some canvasses in oil but they aren't in a fit state to be seen at the moment :)
I don't know what's up with blogger but it won't allow me to have spaces between paragraphs - no matter how many times I edit it, it just scrunches the text all up together again :(


Philip said…
Nice work - I love the beach although they are very different here in Spain!

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