update on trees and rocks

I've taken photos of the progress to date - I've worked on in oils as I was at the point where acrylics didn't give me the marks I wanted - I particularly can't get the subtle
gradations in skies with acrylics and I wanted a blue clear winter sky, graduating from dark at the top to a softer blue at the bottom. I may yet glaze the top with a thin layer of ultramarine to get the change in blue that occurs between the sky overhead and the horizon.

I couldn't get far enough away to get the whole canvas in the picture :( and I haven't got time to bring it downstairs.

I've added some close up details below.

Next stage is to introduce a greater range of greyed blues and a hint more of complementary colour - there's a little added that may not show up in these pictures.


jafabrit said…
this is beautiful. I always think snow is a real challenge. You know, you think it is just white, but there are so many reflecting colours in snow.
vivien said…
it's funny I love snow to paint but hate it in real life!

I like the work of Sally Strand with whites - I've never seen her do snow but there's a painting of some sportsmen in white shirts, seen from behind. You know the shirts are white but there's no white at all used :)

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