and another portrait

copyright Vivien Blackburn

And another portrait sketch of my daughter, a little younger this time, leaning on the back of a chair while we had a drink somewhere - she could never sit still! - and wondering what to get up to next - it usually involved hanging from a high branch on a tree with one hand saying 'look at me' - eventually I stopped worrying!

One year when she was about 8, we were in Plymouth and there was a big event up on Plymouth Hoe (a gorgeous big grassy area overlooking the fantastic harbour entrance and right near the town centre). The army had a high climbing tower with tiny ledges widely spaced, that led onto rope walks and those high rope slides.

We stood and watched as much older boys struggled and took ages to climb it. She watched and wanted to have a go - the soldiers were a bit unsure but let her have a go - she went up zoom like a little spider, flew through the rope walk and the slide and left the soldiers, who'd been expecting to have to rescue her, open mouthed!

I think I must have been subliminally influenced by Julie Oakley in doing these portraits She is doing a daily portrait of members of her family and self portraits - there are some great sketches there. Her children are still at home so they are from life, unlike mine. which uncharateristically for me is from a photo.

I wonder if I can persuade daughters to pose next time we visit? I was quite pleased to find that I can do a free sketch from a photo though, not becoming too literal and bogged down in unimportant detail.


Robyn said…
I find myself misting up with this little story of pride and love. Charming sketches, Vivien.
vivien said…
:D thanks Robyn

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