Autumn in Bradgate Park

It was such a gorgeous day today that I decided to have a day off :) I took off for a walk in Bradgate Park - the light was wonderful so I'd taken the camera - 126 photographs later ..... Bradgate Park is where Lady Jane Grey lived - these photos show the ruins of her house in the lovely changing light as clouds passed by and made these lovely flashes of light and dark. The house is surrounded by rocky hills with ancient oak trees and a herd of deer. The park was left to the city last century and is a really popular place for walkers. You can walk miles from here through the large park and local woods and footpaths across fields. - a link to more information on Lady J, beheaded after trying to claim the crown, pushed by an ambitious family.

The family owned the land for miles around.

I love the long shadows of this time of year - these are from trees just out of the picture.

There are rocky outcrops - nearby are ancient quarries and old local houses are built in this Swithland Stone.

Hawthorn berries.

Some of the oldest trees had to be cut back and the stumps sit like ghosts - some are regenerating.

A little stream goes through the park - the River Lyn. It tumbles over rocks and weirs and there are resident ducks - and today a flock of seagulls as well.

Ducks, deer and seaguls :)

No swimming !

Now I have to finish getting organised as I'm teaching a one day course tomorrow - the fresh air and sun was great though and I feel so much better for going :) November 2nd and it was warm enough to wear a long sleeved shirt with no coat and sit outside at a cafe sipping hot chocolate in the sun :)


Lindsay said…
These are heart-breakingly beautiful. It isen't just time we need for art making but mental space too! Sounds like a wondeful day.

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