colours of autumn, small quick watercolour sketch

Autumn colours

A small quick sketch in watercolour - the autumn fields are looking lovely, some have been freshly ploughed and the hawthorn, blackthorn and beech hedges are gorgeous colours. Well they have been gorgeous colours - it's been windy today so as I travel to work tomorrow I may find all the leaves have blown away, they are on their last fling and just a little wind will mean goodbye to all that gorgeous colour and those lovely golden carpets of leaves will fade.

I love the long shadows at this time of year as I travel to work in the early mornings through the countryside and autumn skies are wonderful and dramatic. Seeing the vivid golden leaves against a threatening purple sky is so beautiful :)


Jeanette said…
Beautiful colours in your sketch. Aren't autumn colours so spectacular? I just wish the wind wouldn't take them away so quickly.
vivien said…
thanks Jeanette :)

me too - high winds are forecast for the north so if they arrive here the colours are all over for this year :(
Cathy Gatland said…
I love this sketch - makes me itch to take out my watercolours again, though where I am, summer and green, green, green is here!
vivien said…
thanks Cathy :)

there's some lovely work on your blog of a very different world :)

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