Well the art and craft fair was exhausting! loading and unloading the car - in the rain >:>(
Sue, who works there was incredibly helpful and made it an awful lot easier :>) helping me unload and load up at the end and providing a welcome cup of tea as we finished setting up - thank you again Sue, you were a treasure. Valerie who had set it up had organised it really well and everything ran like clockwork from knowing where you should be to parking and checking on us frequently - thank you to Valerie too.

There was some lovely unusual work - photoetched silver jewellery, fabric bead necklaces, fantastic scarves, art work in light boxes (an interesting concept and one I've often wanted to have a go at), hand made leather/mixed fabric bags, farm foods, felted wool 'paintings' - these were really unusual and lovely, basket making, Christmas decorations and more .... and us 3 painters.

I'd known before we went that paintings were probably going to be too expensive for peoples expectations but the cards went really well and there were lots of compliments, which is nice :>) There were a lot of cat lovers out today, so the cards featuring my cats were popular! it's funny as they were drawn purely for myself really and I just thought I'd do a few 'in case' they appealed to anyone.

Joanna the A level student came, had a chat and took photos and is a really nice girl, starting a foundation course for an arts degree this summer.

So it was a good day and the event was a success despite the lousy non-stop rainy day



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We were lucky - no rain yesterday up here in the North. Very cold though.

vivien said…
thanks :) off to check it
sharon young said…
Hi Vivien
What a lovely pic of your cat, no wonder your cards sold well.
The art work in the light boxes sounds exciting, can you describe a bit more?
vivien said…
Hi Sharon

he'd printed work on acetate (via computer) and then put it in frames with no back so that the light could shine through.

His display was on tiers of shelves with lights behind fabric so that they were lit but he explained that when selling he put a small fluorescent bulb at the bottom of a box frame, out of sight and said that it worked well. He didn't have one there to actually see it.

I think actually that the prints would fade pretty fast with that light source if they weren't archival quality giclees - even if they were they may not last long?????
Jafabrit said…
Glad it worked out for you despite the rain :)

I have done a done reverse painting with acylic on plexiglass and used it with a light behind it. Has done fine over the years. I am with you, I would think printer inks on acetate would fade over time.
vivien said…
thanks for that info Jafa - the nearest I've done is using glass paint on a bathroom window - that lasted years!

It was freeeeezing as well as rainy!
we were ok but some poor exhibitors were in the stable yard.
Suzanne said…
Hi Vivien!

I just read your comment on Sarah W.'s diary and just poked around at your place. I LOVE your watercolors! Must run out the door now but later today, I'm going to poke around some more. Come visit some time.

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