getting ready for the art and craft fair

There's no painting going on at the moment because I've had to cover for a sick colleague and I'm busy getting organised (hmmmm .... not my natural state) for the art and craft fair on Sunday.

I've needed to prioritise and I have paintings to take so don't really need to rush to do new ones. What I did was to redesign my business cards, design some new fliers and make some price labels for work, oh and an informal, illustrated cv.

Then there's the planning what to take.

Our space is upstairs :( but there is a lift :). The three of us are sharing a large room with someone else, who does embroidered pictures - that will be interesting. I don't know her and haven't seen any of her work.

I hate, hate, hate the setting up and taking down! All those heavy paintings, portfolios, browser and stuff to lug from car to room :( - it's a great feeling when it's done though :) and I enjoy the actual setting up - I just want to be able to transport the stuff from home to allocated space by magic carpet instantaneously :)

So I have to carry up paintings +++ , browser stand that my husband made for me - it's heavy but really useful. I designed it to be like a plinth with V's cut out of 2 opposite sides to hold an open folio of work and painted it matte black. It looks really smart and holds all the bubble wrap and bags and my lunch tidily :) out of sight, then the folio stuffed with unframed work, a smaller folio of digital work, the cards in their boxes (2 drawers from an Ikea mini chest of drawers removed for the occasion and ideal!), the fliers and business cards, pens, labels, sticky tape, string, bubble wrap, sheet to cover the table, laptop to run powerpoint slide show, cv, lunch and drinks, camera - phew! I feel tired already.

I'm sure there's more to add to this list. If you spot anything I've forgotten please tell me :)


Lindsay said…
You sound all set! Best of luck to you. Hope you sell like crazy!

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