cards from watercolour sketches

towards the headland, watercolour, Vivien Blackburn

I have lots of small quick paintings that were done as demo's of techniques for classes, usually added to over several sessions as I explained how to use use coloured pencils over a previous watercolour that 'didn't quite work' or showed how to use oil pastel as a resist with watercolour or splatter paint, wet in wet ..... a zillion bits of the 'language' of painting. I'd often continue working on a fragment done another week. I never do a complete painting as the students are there to paint themselves, not watch me, but I do show them how things work in small quick examples.

So .... I had quite a few of these sketches doing nothing. They are only small, sometimes just a couple of inches square, sometimes 6-8 inches. I decided to make use of them by cutting them up to make some more cards for the Art Fair. I like the abstract minimalism of them.

Three more cards ready to go :)

.... and another 3 ...

.... and yet another 3 ....

... and there's more! these are a bit bigger

.... and even more - these are the autumn/winter ones

I'll do some more printed ones as well.

I ought to use watercolour more often as I really enjoy it when I'm doing these demos for students. In the one-day class yesterday they had all chosen to use watercolours so I'm still in watercolour mode :) . I'd called it a Painting and Drawing Workshop so the medium and subject were totally flexible. It was hard work but a rewarding one :)

What do you think? will the public go for these? I hope so



Robyn said…
I think they'll dance out the door, Vivien! Beautiful.
vivien said…
thanks Robyn :) I do hope so
these are fantastic. I especially like "winter". Just discovered your blog and will add it to my list of regulars.
vivien said…
thanks William :) I'm glad you liked it

I want to do some large canvasses keeping this simplicity - at the moment I'm finding it tough to find the time because of teaching committments :(
caseytoussaint said…
These are amazing - I'd love to take a watercolor workshop from you!
vivien said…
thanks Casey :)

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