Thursday, November 08, 2007

paying it forward

I'm really happy as I'll be receiving a piece of work from Tina Mammoser in the new year :) as part of a paying-it-forward /good karma ongoing scheme . I'm really looking forward to owning a piece as I've read her blog and loved her work for a long time now.

So .... now I get to pay it forward or spread good karma :) the first 3 artists to leave comments asking, will receive a piece of work - like Tina, it may be after Christmas as I'm currently up to my eyes but they will receive something. Then I hope they will reciprocate by paying forward to others.

I'm juggling too many things at the moment and dead on my feet, so not a longer post today I'm afraid.


Karen Hall said...

Hi Vivian
Seems like such a cool thing to do - "Paying it forward" - seen it around on a couple of blogs - but it your doing it - please can I be in!
Warm regards

vivien said...

Yes, you are number one :)

It may well be after Christmas - let me have your snail mail address and I will send something :)

Jeanette said...

Great idea Vivien! I love the concept and think we all need to spread ourselves around a little.

We do something similar at the art association that I'm involved with. At Christmas potluck we share art with others. Its a lovely idea.

I'd love to do this myself to and would happily reciprocate if I'm in.

vivien said...

certainly you are in :)

just send your address - and be patient! it may be after Christmas - though if I can manage it before I will :)

Lindsay said...

I'm late but it looks like I can still play. Great idea and this will be fun. I'd LOVE to have one of your pieces!

vivien said...

yes you are the third and last Lindsay :)

email me your address and I'll get something to you asap - which as I've said may well be after Christmas

Karen Hall said...

Just got back from weekend away - Yeaaa - i am so happy!

vivien said...

don't forget to send me your address karen