ACEO's seascapes in watercolours, watercolour pencils and coloured pencils

Evening Beach, watercolour pencil, 2.5x3.5 ins ACEO. Vivien Blackburn

I've never done ACEO's before but decided to have a go. It's not a format or size I would normally use but I actually really enjoyed doing them.

If you are interested in buying any of my ACEOs take a look at my Etsy site as I'll be uploading them there later today and tomorrow. I've only just begun and I'll keep adding new ACEOs and paintings as I go .....

My shop address at Etsy:

Blue Morning, ACEO, watercolour, Vivien Blackburn

Night Beach, ACEO, watercolour, Vivien Blackburn

Spring, Breezy Morning, ACEO, watercolour. Vivien Blackburn

Spring, Breezy Morning, ACEO, Watercolour, Vivien Blackburn

I had fun with these so there will definitely be more :>)

What do you think?


Jeanette said…
Beautiful! I love the spring breeze especially. Blues do seem to sell well so I think you'll find they'll fly quickly.

I've tried ACEOs a couple of times but didn't really get into them. Perhaps its time to try some again.

Good luck withe the shop. I've added you to my favourites there. :)
Ann said…
These are beautiful art cards! Your etsy shop looks great. Good luck with it :)
my croft said…
I think they are gorgeous.
vivien said…
thanks Jeanette :>) and Ann and my croft for the positive feedback

I didn't think I'd like working this small - but surprisingly I did
Simz said…
some of the seascapes r brilliant n i love the transparency n delicacy in the renderings. I also saw the website n etsy shop ....lovely work. Moreover i am crazy about the sea as well n can never tire of its ever changing shades its like finding a kindred soul ...
vivien said…
Hi Seema :>)

thank you - the sea is so beautiful isn't it?

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