and a few more ACEOs

Night Beach, ACEO, watercolour pencils, 2.5x3.5ins Vivien Blackburn
and a few more ACEOs.

Winter Sunset, ACEO 2.5x3.5ins, watercolour, Vivien Blackburn

Approaching Rain, ACEO, 2.5x3.5ins. watercolour and cp, Vivien Blackburn

Night Beach, ACEO, watercolour pencils, Vivien Blackburn
Please take a look at my Etsy shop if you haven't already - I'd welcome feedback :>)
and if anyone has the time to explain to me how to do those shortened urls I'd be very grateful!


It's amazing what you have packed in to such small sizes. Each one is absolutely beautiful and to my mind express the grandeur and
"Freedom" of the sea (hint,hint - but I'm sure you are already thinking that!;o)
Chris Bellinger said…
hi Vivien
About your shortend uris,
you should have icons at the top of blogger, well make sure you are in visual mode to start with type as normal use the name you want and highlight it go to the icons and it it the green thing about fith along press this and a box will come down put the add
Proberly not is this what you mean anyway, i am surprised you do not konw!
Hope things are reasonbly ok, I am now settled back at worress in there, remembering only one htpp if you past it in so remove the one that is there.
Press ok and the name on you page should be underlined in blu. that is why it i best to type everythin gfirst then highlight the ones you want linked otherthwise everything will be underlined.
Am I clear?
Hope this ok, I am back at wordpress and I hope you are ok
Lindsay said…
Vivien, the site is brillant! What a great idea and it's amazing what you can cram into your tiny format! I can't make up my mind which one to buy....But you can expect business from me!
vivien said…
David your wish or even hint ... is my command!

thank you :>)

Chris thank you for taking the time to do that and I'll have a go :>)

I've got your blogger and wordpress blogs marked so whichever you are at I can catch up :>)

ooh Lindsay - my first customer! thank you :>)
vivien said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
dinahmow said…
Yes, the artwork is showing nicely (not always the case with smaller photos)on your ETSY.
Pity about my anorexic piggy!
vivien said…

I was pleased with how they did show up - just wish the buyers would show up too!!!
Lindsay said…
Vivien can you please reserve the night beach one at the top for me??? I'd love to have that one. I went to your shop and I did not see that one for sale yet. Hope it has not sold.
vivien said…
Reserved Lindsay :>) will email you
Gesa said…
Hi Vivien,
I looked at your shop a while back but haven't had time to comment. The pictures are coming up great, I really like the banner/avatar too.
When I started my shop people pointed out too me that the shop announcement should be really, really short - with a link to profile for details so that people see the great pieces for sale without having to scroll down.
I also wondered if info on material/support etc would be included on the description pages - e.g. watercolour on xyz paper and similar; also: maybe less relevant for the ACEOs but for the others: uploading a few differet photos of the item/related item/side view etc seems like a good way to get across the 3d, real thing feel of the item;
I'm curious to see how your ACEOs are selling - people kept mentioning the popularity of them, but I never was too sure about it in practice
Good luck!
vivien said…
Gesa thanks for taking the time for all that advice, it's really helpful :>)

My feelings about the ACEOs were just the same, doubt about how many would buy - so far one has sold on Etsy and one from the blog before I'd uploaded it to Etsy

... we'll see how things go.

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