Sennen Cove, Cornwall, oil sketch

Sennen Cove, Cornwall, sketch in oil paint, Vivien Blackburn

I really like sketching directly in oil paints, it allows alterations and changes, layering, scratching through ..... so adjustable :>)

This is an oil sketch in my sketchbook. I rather like working on paper - I know it isn't archivally sound but it's a sketch - and Toulouse Lautrec and Degas did it - so it'll do for me! I can close the page when I've finished and get a slight print on the facing page but the pages don't stick and it doesn't harm the painting at all - I can then work on the next page and the next .......

I use Griffin Alkyd quick drying oil paints for this and they are dry by the next day. Done with a palette knife for ease and speed.

This is a view of a section of the bay shown in the previous watercolour but this time on a sunny day with vividly blue sea - I do love the way it changes colour.


Gesa said…
Thanks for saying a bit about how you do the oil sketches on paper - I remember you mentioning them before; I did go to the sea today: just the Ayrshire coast but very good nonetheless; just used marker pen on white (large: A4) paper; I had briefly contemplated some colour to take with me; but decided against - this makes me think of oil pastels next time I go, though. Or indeed oil paints.
vivien said…
oh I'd try the oil paints - you don't need too much and I just take some Liquin to thin them if needed and some baby oil to clean me and the brushes up :>) plus rags for smudging and cleaning.

Some things I'd be happy just drawing but the sea ....... I want COLOUR!
Lisa Purcell said…
Wow, that is great. I would love to thumb through you sketchbook - even have some of them framed. Really cool.
Lindsay said…
I too love your oil sketch. Thanks for all the technical information you include too. You are so expressive with only a pallet knife!
vivien said…
thank you both :>)

a knife can be quite expressive - as long as the paint isn't trowelled on with it! I don't like that

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