Cornwall: watercolour sketch, rainy day at Sennen Cove

Rainy Morning, Sennen Cove, looking across to Cape Cornwall and The Brisons, watercolour. Vivien Blackburn

The lovely thing about the coast and Cornwall in particular, is that even on a grey, drizzly morning there are still beautiful, though more subtle, colours in the sea and the landscape. Brooding clouds, rain approaching in front of the far cliffs and still looking lovely :>) This was the view from 'our' dining room. The rocks at our end of the beach are exposed at low tide. Offshore is a vicious reef of rocks that helps shelter the tiny harbour from the Atlantic gales.

Other days it was vividly blue and turquoise but sometimes it's more fun to paint these days of bad weather, clouds and interesting light.

'Our' house was at the harbour end of the bay, a crescent shaped bay with a beautiful beach of pale sand sweeping round to rocks at our end, the beach is popular with surfers. There's a lifeboat station, a gallery, a little shop that bakes it's own bread daily (mmm it was lovely) and a couple of cafes and a pub - quiet and lovely :>)

Lots of walkers pass by as the coastal path goes through some amazing scenery and Lands End is only a couple of hours away walking - 2 minutes in the car by road!

This is watercolour with touches of watercolour pencil and a little white gouache in the rain.



Kari Gibson said…
You certainly have been inspired by your trip away. This is very atmospheric - beautifully done too!
Lindsay said…
Welcome home Vivien!! Lovely work here and I loved seeing the photos from your trip also. If the winter storms are "dramatic" even the ordinary weather must be amazing.
Can't wait to see what work grows out of the trip.
I LOVE my two tiny paintings. Thanks so very much. Did you get my envelope yet?
vivien said…
Thanks Lindsay and Kari :>)

I'm so glad you are happy with the little paintings Lindsay :>)

no, no envelope .... now I'm CURIOUS!
Gesa said…
Hm... this looks soo good - I don't mind the rain - Eigg was rainy too but that didn't matter. I'm thinking around the Eigg sketches for painting... may take some time, but I definitely want to do something with the seashore - thanks for reminding me how good the sea is... haven't been for a few months now and I need a wee trip, maybe tomorrow? Not far, on the train...
Robyn said…
I can always feel the wet sand between my toes when I look at your seascapes, Vivien. This is lovely and I know there will be beautiful big pictures to come.
vivien said…
Thanks Gesa and Robyn :>)

you don't have to worry too much about the rain if you love the west coast!

I would so love to get up to the islands
Looking good!

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