colour test

have a go at this colour IQ test - you need to make the colours change smoothly and seamlessly

are you a colourist painter or a tonalist? tonalists don't score so well, colourists should

I got 0 - a perfect score she says smugly :>D



Rose Welty said…
Vivien, I knew I wasn't a colourist before I took the test. The 38 confirmed it.

I like the idea that I am a tonalist rather than just that I stink with colours! :D
Chris Bellinger said…
Hope you do not mind, not really really related to your interesting post but though I would show how to use a code. this works as i posted it on artythings!
The important bit is the end that is just where you type in the name of the web site, There is information on this at bloggerbut it is a bit longwinded (like me!)
Hope this works for you....
vivien said…
Rose :>D being a colourist/tonalist is just a difference not a fault

The more you paint the better you'll get though I'm sure

Chris I don't quite follow that! but I would be delighted to understand how to shorten urls and have better shortened versions that the Tiny ones.
Chris Bellinger said…
Have just published the code for you on my wordpress blog if that does not work try links under help at blogger, maybe clearer
vivien said…
thanks Chris :>)
I scored 27. Don't know what that makes me but I put it down to needing new glasses which are well overdue. That's my excuse anyway!!
harrybell said…
Interesting test. I got 36, which annoyed me until I realised a low score was cool! Not low enough, but not surprising either. Too much green in this test :)
vivien said…
thanks Harry I'll try that out
I scored a zero which surprised me - I thought (as an erstwhile architect) I would be more of a line person.
I hesitated (twice) before trying this as I don't usually like tests in case they make a fool of me - I can do that easily enough by myself!:o)
dinahmow said…
I scored 0 on the first try. Thinking that was odd, I tried again and got 99.I think this test has flaws!
(Hope things are improving in your personal world?)
Chris Bellinger said…
have rejigged and should now work if you go into artythings you will see a post for your code, there are some things that you wish you never started! hope it works ok now.
harrybell said…
I assume that's a response to my Comment in the previous post recommending metamark. But have I missed something? Why have you chosen to show separate links instead of embedding them in the text in the usual way?
vivien said…
Harry - I wanted to know how to shorten very long links, and I don't know how to do those links that have a live link to a word - I think I'm going to have to learn

.... somehow!

Tinyurl didn't do what I wanted it to do

Are you slightly colour blind Harry in the green range? (you mentioned green)

Excellent David! :>D

99 Dinah??????? I think it must have had hiccup! 0 was excellent though.

Chris I think I'm going to have to learn to do what Katherine does where a word will link you to the site she wishes - I can't do that!
vivien said…
Chris that's exactly what I want to do - just visited your blog - but I still don't understand HOW to do it!!

I know

I'm slow
harrybell said…
OK, if you want to try to put a live link into a phrase or word, here's how:

When you're typing out your latest post, you'll see on the bar above a series of icons beginning with "Font." Fifth one after that is "LINK" (it'll show that when you hover the curser over it). You need to highlight the word or phrase that will contain the link, then left click on the LINK icon.

A little box will appear with the title "Hyperlink." In the space provided you type or paste in the link you want to embed, then click OK. The URL link will appear in the chosen word or phrase as an underline and colour.

Go on, give it a go. It's easy.

And yes, my eyesight is red/green deficient. I've posted about it a few times (see Red & Green
Chris Bellinger said…
Question Have you got all the icons on your blog or just abc, photo upload preview. It makes it easier if you have trhe icons as you can just press the green globe thing and enter the adress, but remembering to remove the http if you are pasting a adrees.
I have shown a fully working code on my blog at wordpress I know that it enabled you to link.Type that in along with the site name and the name you want appearing9instead of my blog and my name, hey presto you should be ok. Maybe it might be better to ask katherine.........
vivien said…
OK - between Harry, Chris and Katherine I think I'm just about there!

I'm up to my eyes at the moment but when things quieten down I'm going to get to grips with this!

thank you all :>)
Vivien, this was a Blast! I scored 49, which was a great score in my age range and gender...from 0-1409.

I just posted a link from my blog

vivien said…
Julie said…
Enjoyed the test Vivian altho I did get a bit squinty eyed! I scored 7 (same age range as Vickilou)
vivien said…

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