Summer, Cool Morning , ACEO

Summer, Cool Morning, watercolour ACEO, Vivien Blackburn

Another tiny painting, this time of a cool summer morning, clear blue light, with a breeze blowing the clouds, walking down towards the surf, the blue of the sky reflected in the pools and on the wet sand. My idea of heaven :>)

If you are interested in buying this or any of the others I've shown, you can here: only $18 :>)

It's amazing how many of you that I know online, I've come across at Etsy - I've bookmarked you as I meet you there :>)

I haven't seen the news yet today - has the spider moved?

and hey!!! I've managed smaller urls :>)

More links:

the book:

Imagekind for prints of my work:

Katherine Tyrrell of had the excellent idea of offering to put anything on Imagekind that someone wanted a print of - garbled English there but you know what I mean! if there is anything I've shown that you would be interested in a buying a print of, just email me and I can arrange to upload it there, :>)



Kari Gibson said…
I love your blog! Having a wonderful time wandering around and these tiny ACEOs are adorable!

Kari x
vivien said…
thanks Kari :>) your work is lovely
Chris Bellinger said…
Lovely painting, notice you have not tried the short link yet!
Do you have the icons on your blogger screen?
Chris Bellinger said…
Sorry not awake they are smaller but you can just use the name of people no need for htpp!
i will wake up soon!
Gesa said…
hm... another great one... i keep looking at these and ask myself should i, should i not... but currently still struggling to recover framing costs for all those paintings that didn't sell in june... :(
vivien said…
I tried to follow the short link instructions Chris - but couldn't quite work it out - someone else kindly gave a different set of instructions and they didn't shorten it!

So ..... I went to Tinyurl and that works :>)

Maybe someone can explain a better way?

Gesa have a go! I'm actually really enjoying doing them, which surprised me as I generally like to work much much larger.

Framing costs are a killer :>( some ACEOs might recoup some of the cost?
Gesa said…
hihihi... i was contemplating of buying, rather than selling. i have a few aceos on my etsy - but had last year decided not to so stuff merely to put on etsy (too little time for the other things)... but maybe i can revisit that idea?
vivien said…
oh!!! in that case you should!!!!

harrybell said…
Vivien, it looks like TinyURL has changed its system to include a forwarding page because of the refusal by some servers to accept their shortened URLs. You might try Metamark ( Using their system, your book is at
and the link takes you straight there.

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