sparkling seas and narrow lanes, cornwall

The View from Cape Cornwall, misty. Photograph: Vivien Blackburn
This is a view back from Cape Cornwall towards Sennen - the light was silvery blue and misty, the water in the distance sparkling.
The photos below were taken by my daughter - I wanted to show the steep narrow lanes. The one down to Sennen is used by the double decker buses - being stuck behind coming up the steep hill was not fun!
The rocks are the ones that shelter the tiny harbour, visible at low tide but a lot of them under water as the tide comes in.
The road looks much wider in the photo than in reality.

The ones below were a narrow lane with hardly any passing places that came down off the moor - luckily we didn't meet any cars coming the other way, it was only just wider than a single car :>)

Journeys take a little longer! even the main roads are a lot narrower than most of the country.


Kari Gibson said…
Oh, yes, those lanes! I found the signs saying "Not Suitable for Charabangs" so true (as well as rather quaint).
muddy red shoes said…
brilliant, isnt it lovely, I have a very good friend who lives at the end of Marias Lane, off up there to paint on the cliffs soon. Next time you are down we must meet up. xx
vivien said…
:>) lots of quaint!

small world! it would be great to meet up - Katherine has talked about the possibility of some of us going down there, possibly Tina too.

I love your side with its quiet tree lined creeks as well - the variety within one county is lovely.

I look forward to your paintings there :>)
pete said…
I love the last photo. We have roads like that around here. Plenty of badgers, occasional jams!
vivien said…
thanks Pete :>)

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