changing light

I'm taking a Christmas break but having shown you the photographs of this beach in Cornwall in changing light, I thought I would show you just some of the sketches and paintings of the beach in different weather and at different times of day.

for a longer write up please visit our group website watermarks :>) where I'll go into more detail about limited palettes, working plein air, size and medium, light, time and tide ......

I hope everyone had a great Christmas

I got some lovely new art supplies to play with :>)


Gesa said…
me too! - that's for the art supplies: i am getting rather fond of my polychromos and exploring their mixed media versatility and markmaking. as i also said on the wm blog: these are so beautiful!

have a very good break and all the best for 2009! my time in the woods and fields is almost up, and i'm looking forward to more quiet time back in gla.
Anita said…
So lovely, Vivien. The light in England really is so lovely. I'm intrigued by how the light changes around the world.
vivien said…
I like my polychromos too - it's amazing how many media they'll mix with :>)

It'll be interesting to se your variations on the Bulls Pool

Yes, light is soooo different around the world Anita I agree and so interesting

Happy New Year to you both

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