Sherrie at Brush and Baren gave a link for this fun site to cut your own snowflake - this is my effort :>) Have a go here (- warning it's a bit addictive!) I've never managed one so neat and perfect with real paper and scissors!


Anita said…
I love this website - I dread to think how much time I have spent here.
dinahmow said…
So think how much bad language is involved when cutting lino!
Gesa said…
How cool. That little image kept teasing me in my sidebar so I had to go and try. Very good fun... now: work :(
Trevor Lingard said…
This site is very interesting and I love your work.
Reading your post on art forum inspired me to have a go.
It has made me catalogue my work and is creating a nice network of like minded people.
Thank you Viv.

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